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Nike Flyknit Racers | Connor Surdi Photography View high resolution

Nike Flyknit Racers | Connor Surdi Photography

Had the chance to shoot with the talented Connor Surdi a few days ago.  I’ve been following his work for a few years now and have always enjoyed the stories he captures through photography.  Was really hyped to be able to work with him. Catch more of Connor’s work here »>

Restaurant Week at Toulouse Petit
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Restaurant Week at Toulouse Petit

instagram - troyosaki

Young Strong

instagram - troyosaki

Freewrite 4/8/14

Your sunrise
sticks to my bones
like a flock of mosquitoes

I want to marinate
in your dust
and understand
the parts of you
no one finds significant

the way your dry skin
is cut when cold
like a split atom

There is Big Bang
in my nostrils
whenever you walk by
you smell of creation


Update & Performances

Hello!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d drop a few lines to update everyone.  Since graduating from the University of Washington, I decided to take this year off to see where my love of poetry could take me.  It’s been really rad so far!  In the fall I became the grand prize winner of Kollaboration Seattle 4 with my good friend Ariel Loud and we went on to compete in the largest Asian American talent show Kollaboration Star in Pasadena, CA for $20,000.  In the winter we released our first collection of music and poetry that you can check out via bandcamp (  I also began my first job as a facilitator and teaching artist at a transitional housing center for run away youth and a local Seattle Public high school.  Most recently, I’ve signed on to co-coach the Seattle youth slam team going to Brave New Voices in Philadelphia this July and will be competing for a spot on the Seattle Poetry Slam team going to the National Poetry Slam in Oakland this August.  I’m hyped to be around so many powerful and inspirational people for the next few months and have enjoyed the opportunity to live and breathe poetry this year.  Thank you everyone who’s rocked with me throughout this whole process.  I’m grateful for all your support! 

Below are upcoming events I’ll be performing at for anyone interested in coming through.  Hope to get free with you!

Seattle Poetry Slam Wildcard – Tuesday 4/8 at Re-bar
Kollaboration Seattle 5 – Saturday 4/12 at Meydenbauer Center
TEDxUofW – Saturday 5/3 at University of Washington
FASA Sa UW Filipino Night – Saturday 5/17 at University of Washington
Folklife – Friday 5/23 at The Vera Project 

Exquisite Corpse w/ Henry Luke

Poetry is medicine
and a weapon
fire water bubbling
grease and spices

Poetry is fresh
like breakdance flares cutting raw broccoli
Poetry is dancing with breath
is breathing underwater
is flow like the river
first class mail undelivered
return to sender
like the circle of life
writing from left to right
to undress the light

Poetry is pyramid brick heavy
as thick as the big bang
exploding in your mouth
I am reborn when I write
I have learned to create
in a period of chaos
Poetry is immediate survival
harpoon steel cold
it is the first breath
of resurrection
after being slain 

Poetry is what builds
in the gut of a silenced people
the antidote to hypnosis
verbal explosives

Poetry is doing the most
with the least words
rearrangements of a 26 letter alphabet
twisting the colonizer’s tongue
to spit prophecy
to speak of love
to be truly free 

Poetry is pirate tooth gold
flickering against ocean
We share our stories
like storms washing
our bodies of a screaming sky 

Poetry is ancient slang
banging like blown out speakers
When we spit
we are the volume knob
the very vibration shaking
dreams deferred
nouns and verbs
our adjectives are adjacent
to our thoughts 

When I hear words
I calculate the mathematical emotions
they’re made up of
We prove our existence
like Pythagorean theory
add every angle of our being
the degrees of soul debris
a beached whale on the shores
of us islands 

Poems are the continents
inside us
We mark ourselves like atlas
where we’ve been
where we want to go
the geography of my body
is always shifting

We are never destination 

We write
to remember
which moon we fall under
who built us
what we make of today

We are anything but helpless
with the cosmos at arm’s length
enough blood cells to swallow hollowness

On days we are not ourselves
poetry is the meaning in between moments
multiplied by every time
I held my tongue
unable to unleash
my unlocked thoughts 

We are prison bar caged
if we do not write
held in the cell of our heads
Poetry is skeleton key
popping our bones back into place
We are right when we write
human chemical reactions
adding truth to style
precise but wild
throw it back to 93
when I was born a poem
the hospital
loud with wombs of unwritten verses
waiting to break the silence of this world

To be a poet is to look life in the eye
and say
“I do not fear you”

Still Callin’ (ft. TeeFlii) by Dom Kennedy at the Showbox

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