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Touched down in Philadelphia, PA with Team Seattle for Brave New Voices 2014. Let’s get buck. (PC: Jofar) View high resolution

Touched down in Philadelphia, PA with Team Seattle for Brave New Voices 2014. Let’s get buck. (PC: Jofar)


Canoozing for independence or something 🇺🇸

Summer 2014 Update

What’s up everyone! With summer in full effect I wanted to drop a quick update and let you all know what I’ve been working on.  Since the school year ended, I’ve wrapped up my first residency at Cleveland High School co-facilitating poetry workshops in class and after school as a teaching artist.  I’ve had a blast building curriculum, working with students on their creative writing and doing my best to hype young people about sharing their stories.  I’m really grateful to have gotten the chance to share how I use poetry as a tool for healing, empowerment and transformation and I’m excited to come back for their summer program! 

In addition, I finished my first year as a classroom assistant helping facilitate poetry workshops at a transitional housing unit for runaway youth.  Every week I listened to poems about survival and resistance.  I was reminded how important it is to write our narratives and speak ourselves into existence.  I’m thankful to have gotten this opportunity and did my best to learn how to create safe space and be supportive in vulnerable times.

Most recently, I’ve been hired to co-coach the Youth Speaks Seattle slam team competing at the international poetry festival known as Brave New Voices in Philadelphia, PA this summer.  For the last several months I’ve worked alongside a squad of five strong and passionate youth poets gearing up for the national stage.  They’ve all worked hard on their pieces and I’m excited to represent Seattle with them. Brave New Voices is about to get buck!

This summer I’ll also be competing at my first National Poetry Slam as an adult in Oakland, CA.  For the past few months I’ve had the chance to challenge myself writing group poems and working with a team.  It’s been rad!  Since aging out of Youth Speaks, I’ve been excited to enter the adult scene and I’m appreciative to be able to roll with team Seattle.

Lastly, this August I’ll be entering into my first year of law school at the Seattle University School of Law.  I’m excited and terrified all in one breathe.  My hope is to contribute to my community through social justice and advocacy work.  I’m nervous to navigate through this system but will do my best to honor my values and work towards transformative change.

Thank you to everyone who has ever rocked with me.  I truly appreciate all of your support!  Below are my upcoming performances.  Feel free to catch me here!

7/13 – Youth Speaks Seattle Slam Team Send Off Show at The Station
7/22 – Seattle Poetry Slam Feature at Re-Bar
7/27 – Pista sa Nayon at Seward Park
7/29 – Team Seattle Send Off Show for the National Poetry Slam at Re-Bar

Freewrite 3/16/14

When I find myself
apologizing for my feelings
as if they’re something
to feel sorry about
I tell myself

"Get off the train
jump into mid air
if you have to
there is enough miles
of railroad
for you to blame yourself
to make yourself feel bad
to burn your body
with engine steam
to feel like a thousand collisions
a never ending path
of putting yourself down

Get off that train
Run, walk, crawl
You are worth every step”

Tae & Fernando

instagram - troyosaki

Grudges (Freewrite 5/18)

Holding grudges
feels like a suspended guillotine
waiting to taste gravity

it is heavy like anvils

They harbor illness
in the caves
of my blood cells

When I hold grudges
I want to pretend
like I don’t care
like I can forget
anything we’ve ever shared
and walk away

Holding grudges feels cold
it is sharp like a walk in freezer
ice particles wrestling my lungs

Holding grudges feels like distance
like there are planets between us
like we never learned to orbit
or were too angry to try

Holding grudges feels like a waste of time
like moments
I could spend growing
I want to remember foundation
how to build
I want to remember home

What did you study in college?

American Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Asian American Studies at the University of Washington.  Next year I’ll be attending the Seattle University School of Law.

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