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Chinatown w/ Tracey

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Stolen Cadaver (Exquisite Corpse w/ Susy Sobel)

On days
when the sun
beats down
like Goliath never had a chance
I remember
the David in my footsteps

The motivation
lodged in my backbone
the way inspiration
may get trapped
in the clouds of my thoughts

but the sun
always finds a way
to remind me
language is lawless

There were no rules to the Big Bang

to the cosmos
to the moment
that life was born
to the nebulas
and black holes

No one predicted
the magic of creation
that stole cadaver
from autopsy

Is there a difference
between mortician and make up artist?

We all bury
all end up covered
in 6 feet of dirt
until all that’s left of us
is chalky legacies
and I was never scared of this
until now

Weekend trip to Canada | 2014

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San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA

instagram - troyosaki

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